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The Essence of Brooklyn Steel Co.

Born and raised in NYC, our founders yearned to establish a collection of kitchenware with a much character and adaptability as the city that shaped them. A pillar of culture and innovation, the distinct style of the famed NYC borough, is what inspired the creation of Brooklyn Steel Co. A complete collection of        trend-forward kitchenware and cookware, Brooklyn Steel Co. parades industrial modern designs with a homey touch.

Collections crafted with the bold in mind, the Brooklyn Steel Co. philosophy believes function need not be sacrificed for aesthetic. That’s why our high-quality cookware was designed to bring your kitchen notes of modernity and character through products you can trust.

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Our Mission

Here at Brooklyn Steel Co., we are committed to manufacturing cookware that features novel designs with the most reliable technology. We recognize coking as expression which is why we have curated several collections of kitchenware that capture our ethos of community, performance, and elegance.

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Our Products

Our premium products embrace a style that is both chic and industrial, designed for longevity, while offering sophisticated accents of Pakkawood, walnut, and brushed stainless steel to provide our consumers with elevated cooking experiences. A chic, reliable, and effortlessly adaptable collection of cookware, barware, dinnerware sets, and kitchen gadgets, our products offer immediate style to every chef. 


Experience cooking like never before with our selection of ceramic nonstick aluminum, nonstick aluminum, hard anodized, and carbon steel cookware collections.



From matte neutrals to glossy pops of color, Brooklyn Steel Co. dinnerware makes your next plating endeavor effortlessly elegant.



Stainless steel blades make for effortless slicing, chopping, and dicing. Our exclusive collection of industrial-grade knives and knife sets are a pragmatic and sleek upgrade for butchers and herbivores alike.


Cookware 101

Find which vessel is best for you! Let our experts guide you through the different shapes and finishes of our cookware collection to find the stovetop essentials that perfectly fit intoyour kitchen and cooking style.

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